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Early Year Schedule Changes Make CVAR February 26-28, MSR-Houston First 2021 Member Club Novice School and Vintage Race Weekend

Posted Jan-14-21 at 9:41 PM By Dan Davis

As earlier reported, VARA's January school is being rescheduled.  Other 2021 schedule changes include SVRA Vintage February 5-7, Auto Club, now will be November 19-21.  SVRA Vintage February 26-28 Miami is cancelled. Amelia Island Concours is now May 20-23.

CVAR's February 26-28 Brian Goldman Race & Drivers School honors the late Brian Goldman who was part of the CVAR's start up and organizing team in the early 1990s.  The novice school is Friday and the CVAR vintage races are Saturday and Sunday.  Novices, beginning racers and those with contemporary club licenses seeking to enter the event, should contact the club early.


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VARA’s Jan 23-24 Vintage Racing & Performance School Is Being Rescheduled

Posted Jan-07-21 at 9:30 PM By dan davis

The COVID-19 severity in Southern California with lack of medical access and other area medical restrictions has made this necessary.  Plans are being made for a later in the year date with some format changes from the usual University Of VARA school.

More info soon at

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Seven 2021 Vintage Racing Club Novice Drivers Schools Scheduled Across U.S. Starting Jan 23-24 With VARA at Buttonwillow

Posted Jan-03-21 at 7:26 PM By Dan Davis

The University of VARA has sessions for street car performance driving and sessions in entrant approved vintage race car, with full racing apparel and drivers pre-event medical exam, to obtain a vintage racing license.  Info:

The remaining six are with the following vintage racing weekends:

Feb 26-28 CVAR at MSR-H TX; April 23-25 with SOVREN at Pacific Raceways WA; April 29-May 2 with VSCDA at GingerMan Raceway MI; May 1-2 (school only) with RMVR at Pikes Peak Raceway, CO; May 7-8 with VSCCA at Lime Rock Park CT; May 14-15 with VRG/VDCA at Summer Point, WV.

An all-year vintage novice and advanced school recognized by VMC member clubs is offered by Jim Malone’s Raptor Motorsports at Inde Motorsports Ranch in Arizona.  [email protected] or phone 602-509-7644.

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H-Mod Racing Cars Featured May 7-8 VSCCA Spring Sprints Lime Rock Park

Posted Dec-28-20 at 8:24 PM By Dan Davis

Cars expected include a variety of vintage Modified Class sports racing cars powered by 750cc engines from Fiat, Crosley, Panhard, SAAB, and Coventry Climax engines.  H-Modified was a SCCA racing class popular in the 1950s through the early 1960s.  It attracted creative “factory” and home built road racing cars powered by 750cc displacement engines.

The early 1950s 750cc cars included familiar small Italian race car makers: OSCA, Bandini, Stanguellini, Siata, Abarth. Later British Lotus and Cooper 750cc Coventry Climax engined cars were produced. French makers created Panhard and Renault powered cars.  In the U.S. homebuilt cars, usually powered by a Crosley engine, included: Miller-Crosley, Puckett MPX, Tanner, Fibersport, Jaybird, Jabro, ERM, PBX and many more.  In 1962, the displacement was increased to 850cc and later in ’67 the class rules switched to DSR.

The VSCCA H-Mod Group Chairman is Richard Campbell.  Contact 917-538-6550 (cell).  Email at [email protected]

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Feb 26-28 CVAR Opens It's 2021 Season with Brian Goldman Races and Drivers School at MSR-Houston

Posted Dec-21-20 at 9:04 PM By Dan Davis

MSR-H is a 2.38 mile, 40 foot wide road racing circuit with 17 turns set in 383 acres.  It is a membership facility located south of Houston, Texas hosting a large variety of amateur and professional races.

CVAR’s weekend starts with drivers school for novice vintage racers on Friday.  A full schedule of practice qualifying and races fills the weekend for licensed CVAR members and invited Vintage Motorsports Council member club racers.  Other license holders are considered.


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Vintage Racing Cars Featured Feb 13, 10 am to 3 pm, Concours In The Hills, Fountain Hills, AZ

Posted Dec-16-20 at 11:58 PM By Dan Davis

Vintage racing cars from Ferrari, Maserati, Lotus, McLaren, Corvette, Ford, Lola and more will be front and center among more than 1000 cars on display.

Event organizer, Peter Volny notes that the event is focused on being a family friendly event with free admission and parking for all spectators.  Concours vehicle entry fees are donated to the Phoenix Children’s hospital.


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Award Winning Artist Gary Dausch For the Holiday Offers Collector Long Sleeve Tee Art Shirts

Posted Dec-04-20 at 7:36 PM By Dan Davis

The special art images by Gary on front and back are Jim Clark with winning Indy Lotus, Gulf Porsche 917 Coupe, the Barney Oldfield Miller Golden Submarine, Can-Am Big Block Gold Air Trumpets.  The shirts are lightweight, moisture wicking, long tails, offer 50+ UV protection and are made in USA.  

Purchase at

The Dec 11-13 VDCA Season Finale “Oyster Shucking and Pig Pulling Party” And Races At Roebling Road Celebrate The Last 2020 Vintage Race Weekend In The USA

Posted Nov-25-20 at 11:37 PM By Dan Davis

This event is held in the true spirit of vintage racing with a focus on liberal track time in unique races with friendly competition.  The theme is a celebration of the 2020 VDCA season and the camaraderie of all of vintage racing across the USA.

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Retromobile Postponed from February to June 2021

Posted Nov-19-20 at 7:12 PM By celac

The annual Retromobile show, scheduled for February 2021, has been moved back to June 2021. Click "Continue" below for the full text of the press release.

Continue Reading...

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VRG Turkey Bowl Vintage Race Weekend, Summit Point, Nov 20-22, 6 Races for Each of Five Groups, 30 Races!

Posted Nov-17-20 at 3:31 PM By Dan Davis

VRG emphasizes lots of races on a weekend.  Practice and qualifying take place Friday morning.  The first races are Friday afternoon. Saturday has three races and Sunday has two.  

VRG is a member owned and operated club.  Eligible cars include:  Pre-1989 Sports and GT, Pre 1989 Sport Sedans, 1980 - 1993 SCCA Improved Touring, ITA - ITB - ITC, Miata 1.6 liter Sports Cars, Pre 1972 Sports Racing Cars on treaded tires, S-2000, Pre 1972 Formula Cars, PreWar Sports and Racing Cars.

VRG invites guest vintage racers holding licenses from Vintage Motorsports Council, VMC, member clubs.  Other licenses considered. 

Info:    Phone720-722-3874

VDCA Ends Season Nov 14-15 At Road Atlanta and Dec 11-13 Roebling Road

Posted Nov-10-20 at 4:03 PM By Dan Davis

The VDCA Veterans Day Historics November 14-15 are at one of North America’s vintage racers favorite big, traditional, fast circuits.  In 1970 it was rushed to completion in a few months to host a Can-Am series race.  In one of the most closely contested races between the new Chaparral 2J, Team McLaren’s M8Ds and the new Lola 220, the surprise winner was Tony Dean’s Porsche 908.  Surprises and great vintage racing are sure to be part of this VDCA racing weekend.

VDCA always has the honor of hosting the very last vintage race across the U.S.  Officially it is the VDCA Fall finale, held this year the weekend of December 11-13.  Unofficially it is the “Oyster Shucking Pig Pulling Party” with races added.  It has fun races, great camaraderie, and friendly competition.  One of the very special race weekends every year.


Steve Austin’s Historic Racing Tours 2021 Bookings Open, April 5-13 Monaco Historics, July 1-9 Classic Le Mans, and Sept 5-13 Goodwood

Posted Nov-04-20 at 1:47 PM By Dan Davis

These are the top historic racing events in Europe and include many special site trips to the area and racing companies.  Steve Austin’s historic racing tours to top European and UK events offer insider access and terrific hospitality suites viewing.  The experience is enhanced with insider info by racing legends.  The tours are arranged to provide the enthusiast with a total first class and unique experience.  Steve personally arranges the hotels, restaurants, transportation, at event and area extra visits to interesting auto related sites.

Call now as bookings always sell out.

Steve’s cell: 503-349-8769
Office: 503-824-4079

Nov 7-8 VARA Big Bore Bash High HP Vintage Racing Excitement, Willow Springs

Posted Nov-02-20 at 1:45 PM By Dan Davis

This vintage racing weekend features anything powered by a big engine.  Always competing are Corvettes, Shelby GT 350s, Sunbeam Tigers, Cobras, Trans Am Cars, American Stock Cars and Sports Racers powered by big American V8s.

It is also a full weekend of vintage racing for all VARA classes.  This is the last race of VARA’s 2020 season.  It is conducted under full COVID-19 protocols.  The next VARA event is their drivers school in January 2021.


Nov 7-8 VARA Big Bore Bash High HP Vintage Racing Excitement, Willow Springs

Posted Nov-02-20 at 1:45 PM By Dan Davis

This vintage racing weekend features anything powered by a big engine.  Always competing are Corvettes, Shelby GT 350s, Sunbeam Tigers, Cobras, Trans Am Cars, American Stock Cars and Sports Racers powered by big American V8s.
It is also a full weekend of vintage racing for all VARA classes.  This is the last race of VARA’s 2020 season.  It is conducted under full COVID-19 protocols.  The next VARA event is their drivers school in January 2021.

CVAR Final 2020 Points Race With SVRA Vintage & Speed Tour, COTA Nov 5-8

Posted Oct-28-20 at 10:17 PM By Dan Davis

CVAR has traditionally turned out in large numbers to race at COTA with SVRA Vintage during the annual late year Speed Tour weekend.

The Circuit of The Americas Formula One circuit has received great compliments from racers, staff and spectators during the annual F1 races.  Unfortunately, they were not held in 2020.  Many vintage racers have enjoyed racing on this circuit over the years.  Initially it was an all vintage weekend, recently it has become a combo pro and vintage racing weekend.  CVAR expects over 100 members to compete this weekend.


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Nov 4-8 HSR Historics & Classic 24, Dec 3-6 HSR Serbring Historics & Classic 12

Posted Oct-26-20 at 6:50 AM By Dan Davis

This pair of annual big vintage and historic weekends include sprint races, short enduros and a big long endurance race.  Each long endurance race is contested by several groups rotating in one hour stints to add up to the Sebring 12 or Daytona 24 hour length.

They are held on legendary road racing circuits that have hosted great international series.  The big Sebring races began in the early 1950s and the Daytona races in the early 1960s.

Info: or 727-573-1340. (FL)

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CSRG Season Finale Oct 30-Nov 1 ThunderHill, USRRC Tribute & Season Awards

Posted Oct-17-20 at 5:27 PM By Dan Davis

The weekend has a full schedule of vintage races and practice sessions at ThunderHill Raceway Park.  The USRRC Tribute Group has its final 2020 feature race on Saturday.

The annual CSRG awards will be presented after Saturday races.

CSRG has announced a four race schedule for 2021: April 9-11, David Love Vintage Races Sonoma Raceway; May 14-16, ThunderHill Vintage Races; October 18th Annual Charity Challenge  Sonoma Raceway; October 29-31, 53rd Season Finale & Awards Dinner ThunderHill Raceway Park.


Oct 16-18 Vintage Races: VRG at The Glen, VSCDA at Blackhawk

Posted Oct-10-20 at 3:47 PM By Dan Davis

VRG At The Glen races are held each year on the legendary Watkins Glen International road racing circuit that has hosted F.1, USRRC, Can-Am, Indy Cars, NASCAR and IMSA.  VRG members and guests will enjoy races for all VRG classes plus the final 2020 Formula Ford Challenge series race.  After The Glen, VRG’s next race is the VRG Turkey bowl, Nov 20-22 at Summit Point, West Virginia.
VSCDA Oktoberfest at Blackhawk Farms is the annual end of season race weekend for VSCDA.  This 18th version has races for all classes, plus Jeff Porasik/Disabled American Veterans open and closed wheel enduros, Spridget Feature Race, and The Witch Hunt Race.  The COVID-19 protocol dinner is a gourmet box dinner from Franchesco’s.

Oct 9-11 Vintage Events: CVAR Hallett, HVR Lake Garnet, HSR Atlanta, RMVR La Junta

Posted Oct-03-20 at 7:28 PM By Dan Davis

The CVAR Thunder On the Cimarron vintage races at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, open with a Friday test and tune and continue Saturday and Sunday with races for all CVAR classes.  Included is the Formula Ford Challenge feature.  There are typically racers from Midwestern vintage clubs entered to enjoy this favorite club racing circuit.  
The Heartland Vintage Racing Lake Garnet Revival celebrates the legendary late 1950s and 1960s SCCA races in Kansas.  The first race in 1959 had a huge spectator crowd to watch racers navigate a true road circuit around the lake.  This event has high speed exhibitions on the circuit and other special events.
HSR Fall Historics at Road Atlanta has a full schedule of sprint races plus the SASCO International/American Challenge, BMW enduros, Classic RS Cup and Global GT.  Road Atlanta is one of the legendary circuits which has hosted all the great series.
RMVR Myrl Sumner’s Family Fall Race at La Junta close out the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing club 2020 season with sprint races for all classes over two days. La Junta Raceway is a 1.5 mile, 7 turn airport road race circuit in Southeastern Colorado.  

Midwest Oldtimers On-Track 1:00-2:30 PM, Oct 3, Anderson Speedway, IN, During Tony Elliott Classic

Posted Oct-02-20 at 9:51 PM By Dan Davis

Sign in starts at noon October 3 for the vintage oval cars of the Midwest Oldtimers Vintage Race Car Club.  After their 1:00-2:30 PM on track session, the cars will be displayed during the evening contemporary races.  These include the special Tony Elliott Sprint Car Race, Kenyon Midget Series Race, Marcum Welding Front Wheel Drives Race and Pro-National Series Baby Grand cars.  All Oldtimers entrants receive 2 tickets for the evening show.

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Crossflow Cup For Vintage, Classic and Club F Fords Season Finale Oct 2-4 With CSRG

Posted Oct-01-20 at 4:05 PM By Dan Davis

The final 2020 Crossflow Cup Races and awards ceremony will be at CSRG’s Charity Challenge vintage racing weekend at Sonoma Raceway.  There is a full weekend of F Ford practice, qualifying and feature races.The Crossflow group will also celebrate the 2020 season by awarding the annual Crossflow Cup and other awards in a special awards and podium party.  

This is a non-spectator weekend under DOVID-19 protocols.

Special Themes & Features At This Weekend’s Vintage Races

Posted Sep-29-20 at 8:04 PM By Dan Davis

The CSRG’s Charity Challenge title is the theme for this annual major vintage weekend at Sonoma Raceway.  The event raises money for Sonoma charities.  Features include Saturday's USRRC Tribute race and races for Sports Sedans of the 1960s and 70s.

The VSCCA Fall Finale - A PreWar Celebration title promotes a special weekend of races at Lime Rock Park for PreWar Cars.  The PreWar grids are expected to be smaller than usual due to COVID-19.

VARA’s Oktoberfest draws on the classic Munich beer festival theme for it’s races at Buttonwillow Raceway.  There are special races for German cars and a German vs British cars annual feature.

Three Vintage Races First Weekend in October

Posted Sep-25-20 at 1:33 PM By Dan Davis

October 2-3 VSCCA Fall finale - A PreWar Celebration Lime, Rock Park, CT
October 2-4 CSRG Charity Challenge, Sonoma Raceway, CA.  Phone 888-268-7126
October 3-4 VARA Oktoberfest, Buttonwillow Raceway, CA. Phone 760-504-0388
COVID-19 protocols for the event state will be in effect.  Check the club website or phone, if available, for updates.

Fall Arrives Sept 22 With Three Late Sept Races

Posted Sep-22-20 at 6:22 PM By Dan Davis

September 24-27 SVRA Heacock Gold Cup at Virginia International Raceway.
September 25-27 Waterford Hills Open Track Day and Great Lakes Challenge at Waterford Hills Raceway, MI.
September 26-27 SOVREN Fall Finale at Pacific Raceway, WA.
All events are under COVID-19 protocols.  Due to changing conditions, check with event organizing club for details.

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RMVR Enduro and Sprint Vintage Races Sept 19-20 Pueblo Circuit

Posted Sep-17-20 at 3:09 PM By Dan Davis

The traditional Enduro Re-Imagined vintage racing weekend combines Saturday sprint races for RMVR classes with two innovative Sunday sprint/enduros.  There are two enduros, one for Formula and Sports Racers and one for Production Cars.  The enduro formats are three 25 minute sprints with a break between. The start for each session is the previous finish order.  With the third session winner the overall winner.  Pueblo is a 2.2 mile circuit with 10 turns. Pueblo is about a 2 hours drive south of Denver.   The final RMVR 2020 race weekend is scheduled for October 10-11 at La Junta raceway.

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