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Posted May-30-23 at 2:16 PM By Dan Davis

VSCDA Blackhawk Classic June 16-18 Blackhawk Farms Raceway, South Beloit, IL

This is one of VSCDA's most popular vintage races.  The 2 mile track with interesting corners is challenging, yet vintage friendly.  It is located just north of Rockford, Illinois and 50 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin.

The event focuses on providing three days of "massive track time" for VSCDA members and VMC club members.  All VSCDA classes will be in action.  Special feature groups are Formula Vees, Sprite-Midget Challenge and Trans Am/B sedans.  Friday includes a closed wheel enduro.  The traditional VSCDA hospitality includes a Friday night ice cream social and Saturday the traditional participants dinner.


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Posted May-24-23 at 4:48 PM By Dan Davis

Formula 5000 55th Anniversary Vintage Races July Road America and August Laguna Seca

SCCA's Grand Prix Series for Formula 5000 cars had a big opening year in1968 with eight races.  The series attracted the best of the best drivers and cars from 1968 through 1976.  Champions included:  Mario Andretti, David Hobbs, and Brian Redman.

The third race of the 1968 Formula 5000 SCCA Grand Prix was held at Road America.  The winner was Road America local champion Jerry Hansen in a Lola 140.  The event was a big success with 38 cars.

Laguna Seca in August of 1968, in the last SCCA Grand Prix race of the season, saw Lou Sell in Dick Smother's Eagle Mk 5 take the win.  His five season wins from eight races gained him the 1968 series championship.  

The US Formula 5000 Drivers Association is organizing three 55th Anniversary SCCA Grand Prix Anniversary celebration events.  The first is July 12-16 during during Road America's WeatherTech International Challenge with Brian Redman.  Next two races are during the August 12-13 Pre-Reunion at Laguna Seca and the July 16-20 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Laguna Seca.


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Posted May-21-23 at 2:27 PM By Dan Davis

VSCCA Empire Cup June 2-3 Lime Rock with HRG and Empire Drivers Club

VSCCA vintage racers are invited to enjoy unmuffled vintage races Friday and Saturday.  Each of the three VSCCA vintage race groups will each have seven on-track sessions during the two days for cars through the early 1970s.  HRG will have one group for non-VSCCA cars.  The Empire Club will celebrate cars of the 1950s and 1960s with touring sessions for two groups.  VSCCA also invites all Vintage Motorsport Council member club racers to enjoy two days of vintage racing on one of North America's top circuits.

VSCCA info and registration info is at

For HRG and Empire Cup contact Event Chair Charles Bordini, email: [email protected] or phone 914-968-5700 eastern daylight savings time

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Posted May-16-23 at 5:31 PM By Dan Davis

Panoz Cars Spotlighted, Daniel Panoz Honorary Race Director, July 22-23 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, on the roads of Schenley Park, is the second weekend of the 10 day Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Motorsports Festival.  At Schenley Park over 100,000 spectators will see Daniel Panoz honored for all his and his company's contributions to motorsports.  These include organizing the American Le Mans Series of 1999-2013 and creating the Panoz series of road and racing cars incorporating many advanced technologies.  Panoz cars had winning participation in international major races including Le Mans and Sebring.  The special recognition begins with a reception for Mr. Panoz the evening of July 21 at the Pittsburgh Golf Club.  During the Schenley Park weekend races he will be at a special Panoz Car display and at locations around the circuit.

The entire 10 day Festival begins with vintage races at nearby Pitt Race Circuit which includes this year's Shelby Convention.  Dozens of special parties, tours and auto shows are held in the city between the racing weekends to raise money for local charities. 


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Posted May-11-23 at 7:57 PM By Dan Davis

Marlboro Raceway Reunion May 17-21, VRG/VDCA Jefferson 500 Vintage Races Summit Point

There is a full, long weekend of vintage racing for all VRG and VDCA classes.  Summit Point Motorsports Park offers road circuit options up to 2.2 miles.  The circuit is just west of Baltimore and Washington DC.  This is a no-spectator event.  Entrants, crew and guests only.

The nearby, now abandoned Marlboro Circuit hosted races from 1954.  This included the legendary Marlboro 12 Hour FIA sanctioned sedan races from 1961-1966 and was influential in starting the Trans Am.  The 1966 race was on the inaugural Trans Am schedule.  1961 was the first 12 Hour won by a Volvo P544 driven by Rune Svensson and Art Tattersall.  A Volvo P544 won in 1962 driven by Harry Beck and Brad Holmes.

The 1963 Marlboro 12 Hour was won by Bob Olthoff and Jack Sears driving a Ford factory team Cortina GT. 

In 1964, Jackie Stewart and Mike Beckwith won the Marlboro 12 Hour in a Lotus Cortina driving for Team Lotus.  This was Stewart's first US race and his first US race win!

 The Marlboro Circuit closed in 1969 with the opening of the nearby more modern Summit Point Raceway.

Info: ,

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Posted May-04-23 at 3:17 PM By Dan Davis

Historic Can-Am Features 2023 At Laguna Seca and Sonoma Raceway

The historic Can-Am/USRRC (V8s) race group during the August 16-20 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, is expected to be a tremendous spectator pleasing group.

Info:  Phone 831-242-8201

The historic Can-Am race group November 10-12 at Sonoma Raceway will be part of the prestigious Velocity Invitational Races and Festival.  The event focuses on grids of period authentic period correct vintage race cars.

Entry Info:  [email protected]
Ticket Info:

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Posted Apr-27-23 at 4:03 PM By Dan Davis

Road America's July 13-16 WeatherTech International Challenge & Festival, Salutes Triumph, Ferrari, F5000 and Trans Am

This big vintage and historic racing weekend on North America's greatest road racing circuit attracts over 400 participants.  The impressive 4 mile circuit is compared favorably to one of the great circuits in the world Europe's SPA.  Road America is a must do for all vintage racers.  The featured Kastner Cup for Triumphs will celebrate 70 years of Triumph Sports Cars in America with special races.  Ferrari will be honored with displays and on-track exhibitions.  The Formula 5000 Drivers Association will celebrate the 1968-1976 pro series in featured grids.  Historic Trans Am cars of 1966-1972 races add excitement. 

The Thursday on-track practice and an evening vintage racing entrants party opens the festivities.  Vintage racing action is Friday practices, Saturday races and Sunday Feature races.  Friday night is the downtown Elkhart Lake Race Car Concours.  Saturday night the town hosts a Sports Car concours.  There are on-track noon rides each day available for spectators.  Special race group parties and special events are to be announced.

Entries and info:

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Posted Apr-22-23 at 2:41 PM By Dan Davis

Invite From Monoposto Racing's President Travis Engen

Monoposto's first event of the 2023 season, HSR's The Mitty at Road Atlanta, is a little more than a week away, April 27-30.  In addition to the cars that are entered, the trophies for the Monoposto 2022 champions will be there.

The Mitty is one of the great events on the racing calendar.  This year's edition is the 45th, so the event has a long record of exciting racing.  Nearly 300 cars are entered but as is the usual situation for the Mitty, formula cars represent one of the smaller run groups.  This is partly due to HSR's practice of having only one open wheel run group, which is ultimately driven by the number of open wheel entries.  This leads to the higher power, faster Monoposto cars dominating the entries and no doubt reduces entries in the lower power classes.  While F5000 and Indy Lights lead the entry count there are also a couple of Formula Fords on the list.  In past years, as entries grew before the event, HSR agreed to split the group and segregate the Classic and F70 cars.  So ultimately, it is up to us as entrants to solve this chicken and egg problem by building the entry count.

From a driver's perspective Road Atlanta is an awesome track.  Key challenges are carrying speed up the hill through turn 1 and downhill through the final turn to start/finish.  The esses can be challenging as well, particularly if the track is damp.  If you are new to Road Atlanta there are many hot lap videos available online to help you come to grips with the track. I will be happy to share my knowledge of the track and my own in-car videos to help you progress.

As stated above, the trophies for 2022 champions will be available.  Because of the small entry count there will be no Monoposto party, but we will be searching out any of the 2022 champions at the track to make trophy presentations.


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Posted Apr-18-23 at 5:26 PM By Dan Davis

FB Continental Grand Prix Reunion Series for 2023 Opens During SVRA Vintage with Speed Tour at Laguna SECA May 4-7

Many owner/drivers of FB Continental Grand Prix Cars enjoyed racing in the 55th Anniversary Continental Grand Prix Reunion Series last year.  There was a total of 24 different drivers who participated with the attendance being as high as 17 during the fall VSCDA Vintage weekend at Road America!  There really is nothing like racing with a large field of well driven historic FB cars.  In 1967, the first year of the Continental Grand Prix Series, over 40 cars arrived at Lake Tahoe for grid places.

Monoposto Racing, the sponsoring group, had so much fun in 2022 they thought they would try it again!  it is all about getting the cars out and enjoying them in a good field of similar cars.

This year the series will consist of 5 race weekends with 2 of them on the west coast and 3 in the eastern half of the country.  Here is the schedule:  SVRA Vintage with Speed Tour, Laguna Seca May 4-7; SVRA Vintage with Speed Tour, Indy June 15-18; CSRG, Sonoma Raceway September 8-10; VSCDA Road America September 15-17; SVRA Vintage with Speed Tour, COTA November 2-5.

At each of these events the group will work to get split starts or maybe even a dedicated race group if there are enough entries to justify that.  Formula B driver/owners can help by entering early! Here are the links to the race organizer websites to do that.  SVRA CSRG VSCDA   If you have any questions about the FB Continental events don't hesitate to contact Marc Giroux [email protected]. or Darrell LeBlanc [email protected]

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Posted Apr-15-23 at 5:08 PM By Dan Davis

Ten Days of Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Motorsport Festival July 14-23

Vintage racing on North America's only true road course, Shelby Convention, five different car shows, a countryside tour, black tie gala banquet, airport hanger party with vintage aircraft and exotic vintage race cars, Ferrari marque of the year, 100,000 fans for Sundays Schenley Park Grand Prix!

It starts with a weekend of vintage racing at Pitt Race, then a week of happenings and then a weekend of vintage racing on the roads through the forest and meadows of Schenley Park.  A real treat celebrating racing as it was from its beginnings through the 1950s and early 1960s.

Info and entry:

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Posted Apr-10-23 at 2:56 PM By Dan Davis

VSCCA Driver's School and Spring Sprints May 5-6 Lime Rock Park, CT

Any muffled street or race car is welcome for the school sessions.  Professional racing instructors will hold school classroom and on-track sessions at one of North America's great circuits.  Non-members driver's school, VSCCA membership and race weekend is $630.

A optional Thursday 5-6 pm Meet-and-Greet party will open the weekend.  Members race weekend entry is $500 before April 20.

Info:  Driver's School: Charles Bordin, 914-968-5700. [email protected]

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Posted Apr-10-23 at 2:33 PM By Dan Davis

VSCCA Track Day April 21 Update at New York Safety Track Discount Through 14th

This is a chance to gain track time before the driver's school and VSCCA's first vintage racing weekend.  Any street or race car is welcome.  This is detailed in the previous March 27 posting here.  The discount entry of $299 is extended through Friday, April 14th.  Info:

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Posted Apr-07-23 at 5:58 PM By Dan Davis

2023 Full of Special Vintage Racing Features 

It's the time of year in vintage racing when plans made in December are being finalized to race outside one's own club area in a few big vintage events and special features.  The remaining 2023 vintage racing weekends and Special Interest Group schedules in the April online issue of Victory Lane Magazine are on pages 52-53.  They are a monthly feature. The event ads, Vintage Highlights monthly section also have updates and details of coming vintage racing events.

This is a year full of special features in North America for vintage MGs, Triumphs, Can-Am cars, Sprite Austin Healey, Sprites/MG Midgets, Indy cars, F5000 cars, FB Continental cars, USRRC cars, Formula Fords, Pre-War cars, Del Monte Trophy Group, Porsches, Formula Juniors, Formula One and Corvette.  There are also many special international events celebrating anniversaries and features listed on the schedule pages.

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Posted Apr-04-23 at 3:48 PM By Dan Davis

VSCDA May 4-7 Drivers School and Spring Brake Race Opens Club's 45th Season, GingerMan Raceway, MI

Registration for driver's school May 4-5 is open.  The GingerMan Raceway is an excellent school circuit.  Rental race cars are available for would-be vintage racers which lowers the beginning race cost.  Successful students are eligible for the weekend races.

Drivers' School Info:  [email protected].  or

The weekend of vintage racing May 6-7 opens the 2023 season long celebration of the founding of VSCDA in 1978.  Registration is open.  Five race groups will each enjoy practice, qualifying and race sessions Saturday.  Sunday is morning sprint races.  Sunday afternoon opens with Closed Wheel Enduro and a Sprite Midget Challenge race followed by afternoon 30-minute feature races for each of the 5 race groups.


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Posted Apr-01-23 at 10:17 PM By Dan Davis

The April Issue of Victory Lane Magazine is Online Saturday Evening, April 1

Click on the cover at this site and enjoy four race reports and four interesting features plus more about the vintage racing scene.

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Posted Mar-27-23 at 2:38 PM By Dan Davis

VSCCA Invites Pre-1975 Cars to Track Day April 21st, New York Safety Track

This is an unmuffled "pass in designated areas" day with about five sessions for each fendered car group.  The 2.2 mile, 18 turn, 450 ft elevation change circuit is about 45 miles northwest of Poughkeepsie, NY near Harpersfeld.  A great pre-season test and tune opportunity. 
Especially invited are those with no track experience to learn about VSCCA vintage racing.  Instructors are on hand.  Also, given a special invite are Pre-War and Preservation Group cars.  No VSCCA membership is required.  A catered lunch is included in the $299 fee if registered before April 8, afterward $349.

Info and registration:

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Posted Mar-23-23 at 4:36 PM By Dan Davis

Next Two Weekends, Opportunity for Five Vintage Race Events

March 23-26 SVRA Vintage with Speed Tour pro races, Road Atlanta, GA
March 24-26 CVAR Mike Stephens Classic, Hallett Motorsports Park, OK
March 24-26 CSRG David Love Vintage Races, Sonoma Raceway, CA
March 24-26 HSR Sebring Spring Fling, Sebring International Raceway, FL
March 31-April 2 VDCA Wild Hare Run with VRG members special invite, Virginia International Raceway, VA

All will be reported in Victory Lane Magazine on this site.  The entire North American and selected European 2023 vintage and historic race events schedules are in the magazine each month.

Also included are Special Race Feature Groups, vintage rallies, hillclimbs, concours and shows.

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Posted Mar-20-23 at 1:12 PM By Dan Davis

Thirty-Six Formula Vees Open 60th Anniversary Year March 24-26, CVAR Hallett

Formula Vee's first SCCA racing season was 1963, sixty years ago.  Four vintage racing clubs have scheduled 60th Anniversary celebrations in 2023:  CVAR, RMVR, VRG and VSCDA.  All expect record turnouts of F Vees along with their other traditional vintage and historic racing classes.

RMVR's 60th F Vee celebration is July 29-30 at High Plains Raceway.  It is a charity benefit weekend.

The big VSCDA F Vee anniversary racing weekend, September 14-17, at Road America expects over 150 Formula Vee's from all across North America and a big spectator crowd.  Garrett Van Camp, former F Vee National Champion with over 263 race starts, will be Grand Marshal.  He will be honored at the F Vee 60th Anniversary banquet Saturday night.

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Posted Mar-16-23 at 6:35 PM By Dan Davis

An All Formula B Continental Sunday Feature at VSCDA's September 15-18 Vintage Weekend joins 2023 FB Monoposto Schedule

The 2023 five FB Continental Feature Race Series schedule is:

May 4-7 Laguna Seca during SVRA Vintage with Speed Tour weekend
June 15-18 Indy Road Circuit with a vintage SVRA Indy weekend
September 8-10 Sonoma Raceway with CSRG's Charity Challenge vintage race weekend
September 15-17 Road America with the VSCDA Ariens Art on Wheels vintage racing weekend.  This will be a really big weekend for FB, best circuit in America, great club as host and the All FB Continental Car Sunday Feature Race
November 2-5 Circuit of The America's during the SVRA Vintage with Speed Tour amateur vintage and pro contemporary racing weekend.

Info on FB Continental Series: Marc Giroux [email protected]. Darrell LeBlanc [email protected]

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Posted Mar-09-23 at 2:06 PM By Dan Davis

USRRC 1963-1968 60th Anniversary Tribute Features CSRG Vintage Weekend Sonoma Raceway March 24-26, Enter Now

The annual CSRG David Love Vintage Races continue to host the USRRC Tribute Features this year for the USRRC 60th Anniversary races and celebration.  This is one of the outstanding vintage racing weekends in the west.  Over 150 great vintage cars will be in spirited, but sportsmanlike vintage racing competition, including the USRRC Tribute Group 4.

The USRRC Tribute Group has been organized by Mike Summers for the past few years.  For 2023 he is joined by Dan Davis and Victory Lane Magazine to celebrate SCCA's first pro racing series 1963-1968.  This important series attracted the best drivers, teams and sports racing cars for the Drivers Championship of the United States Road Racing Championship series.

Enter now: Info: Mike Summers 916-600-3742, Dan Davis 650-465-3258

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Posted Mar-06-23 at 7:24 PM By Dan Davis

Put In Bay Vintage Races and Festival Sept 19-21, 2023 Features Sports Sedans, Sports Cars and Japanese Marques

The Trans Am 2 liter/B Sedan/2.5 Challenge features are organized with the cooperation of Steve and Chris Bonk and their VSCDA series.  the Japanese marque features include cars built before 1980.  Celebrated marques include:  Nissan/Datsun, Honda, Mazda and Toyota and more.

This event celebrates the through-the-streets and airfield races on South Bay Island Ohio in the late 1950s and 1960s.  Especially welcome are sports cars of those times.  The event is known for good racing, fellowship, hospitality and club racing atmosphere.

Entrant Info:  734-502-2435 or 412-400-9156

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Posted Mar-02-23 at 6:25 PM By Dan Davis

Vintage Racing Events Celebrate Racing Anniversaries in 2023

Formula Vee's 60th Anniversary, Austin Healey Sprite's 65th Anniversary, MG's 100th Anniversary, SCCA's United Road Racing Championship 60th Anniversary, SCCA's Formula 5000 Series 55th Anniversary are just a few being celebrated in 2023 during vintage racing weekends across North America.

News, information, schedules about these upcoming vintage racing features, vintage racing weekends and racing features are in the just released online Victory Lane Magazine on this site.

Just click on the cover, no fee or password required thanks to vintage racing clubs and resources support.

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Posted Feb-27-23 at 6:23 PM By Dan Davis

March 31-April 2 VDCA/VRG 21st Wild Hare Run Vintage Races Virginia International Raceway
Registration Now Open

The annual three-day vintage racing weekend is at one of North America's great racing circuits.  It is organized by VDCA with special VRG cooperation.  There is a goal of liberal track time, camaraderie, fun but sportsmanlike competitive racing in both sprint, enduro and the special Friday Wild Hare Run.

Friday has two practice and qualifying sprint races for each group and starting at 5:30 p.m. the All Comers Wild Hare Run, an Australian Pursuit type race, followed by a welcome party at SASCO's facility.  Saturday has morning races and afternoon feature races for all groups.  A special Saturday dinner is held in the Gallery starting at 5:30 p.m.

Sunday opens with the 9:45 to 11:00 a.m. VDCA/VRG Enduro followed by sprint races for all groups including a Formula Ford Challenge.

Registration is open at Information

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Posted Feb-24-23 at 6:58 PM By Dan Davis

Del Monte Group Salutes Pebble Beach Race Cars March 24-26 With CSRG

The CSRG David Love Vintage Races at Sonoma Raceway hosts the Del Monte Trophy Race Group Cars of 1950-1955.  This is the first vintage racing weekend of five in 2023 for this impressive group of over 20 cars honoring the Pebble Beach Road Races of 1950-1955.

The CSRG David Love Vintage Races is an annual spectacular weekend with over 200 vintage race cars from 1903 through the 1970s.  Spectators are invited.  In addition to the Del Monte Group Feature, other vintage racing features include USRRC Tribute for the 60th Anniversary of SCCAs first pro road racing series of 1963-1968.  The Under 2 liter/2.5 Challenge Trans Am Sport Sedans are also a popular feature race group.  The Crossflow Cup features for the quick Formula Fords provide exciting races.  There are races for all CSRG groups to display racing history at speed.

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Posted Feb-22-23 at 7:21 PM By Dan Davis

VRCBC British Columbia Historic Motor Races May 13-14, 2023 Mission Raceway Canada

Historic and vintage racers from Canada and US invited.  this is Western Canada's biggest vintage motorsport event.  Spectators are invited.  It has been held since 1981 in Southwestern Canada just across the border with Washington state.  It traditionally attracts VRCBC members and many SOVREN members to enjoy weekend races and VRCBC event hospitality.  Also, included is a special Field of Dreams and automobilia booths in the spectator area to add to the festive atmosphere.

Entrants and event info:   VRCBC club info: 

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