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Formula B Cars Are the Stars of 55th Anniversary Continental Grand Prix Series Celebration

Posted Mar-21-22 at 7:52 PM By Dan Davis

Sept 16-18 VSCDA Road America

A Formula B Lotus 41C was the car used by Gus Hutchinson to win SCCA's first pro formula series, the 1967 SCCA Continental Grand Prix Series for Formula A, B, C cars.  Other competitive FB cars in 1967 included Brabham BT21, Le Grand Mk3B, Lotus 22, Brabham BT7, Lotus 27-32, Lola Mk3, Brabham BT6, Bourgeault Mk6, Cooper 59, Elva 300.  Almost all the FB cars were powered by the 1600cc Lotus Ford Twin Cam, most tuned by Cosworth or BRM.

The SCCA pro-formula series in 1968 combined F5000 and FB cars.  From 1969 through 1973 the FB cars had their own SCCA pro series. Top three championship FB cars in each year were: 1967; Lotus 41C, LeGrand Mk6, Brabham BT21, 1968; McLaren 4B, Lotus 41C, Lotus 41C, 1969; Brabham BT18, Lotus 59, Chevron B15, 1970; Lotus 59/69, Chevron B17, Brabham BT29, 1971; Brabham BT35, Brabham BT35, Lotus 69, 1972; Merlyn Mk21, March 722, March 71B, 1973; Lotus 59/69, Brabham BT40, Brabham BT40.

The September 55th Anniversary Continental Grand Prix Celebration is organized by Monoposto Racing and VSCDA.  all vintage racers of these fast, nimble, exciting Formula B cars are invited for vintage races and special celebration events.  Monoposto FB contact Marc Giroux 607-368-0241 email [email protected].

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