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Vintage Formula Atlantic Race Included in Sept 24-25 Long Beach IndyCar Weekend Along with IMSA Prototype and GT Race

Posted Sep-22-21 at 11:31 PM By dan davis

The Vintage Formula Atlantic Cars will race 20 minutes on Saturday at 4:30 pm and Sunday at 11:05 am.  The IMSA Sports Car grand Prix has a 100 minute race Saturday starting at 2:06 pm.  All times Pacific Daylight Time.

Professional formula Atlantic grew out of SCCA’s first pro-formula racing series, the Continental Grand Prix that began in 1967 for FA-3 liter GP cars, FB – 1600cc formula cars and FC – 1100cc formula cars.  The 1967 season was contested almost exclusively with FB cars.  Gus Hutchinson was SCCA’s first pro-formula champion driving a FB Lotus 41C.  F5000 was added to the series in 1968 with equal F5000 and FB entries.  Lou Sell driving an Eagle F5000 car was champion.  The SCCA F 5000 series continued through 1976.  The FB cars had their own series starting in 1969.  FB soon became popular worldwide with countries using both the FB and F Atlantic name.  SCCA adopted F Atlantic rules in 1975, but kept the FB name until 1979.  Formula Atlantic continued through various changes around the world. Until 1990 when it became Toyota Atlantic with the Toyota 4A-GE engine and became a support series for the CART series for Indy Cars.  Formula Atlantic continued through 2008 with CART.  Various pro and amateur series for formula Atlantic cars continues today with much changed rules.

Over the years many future Indy Car and formula One drivers got their start in the FB and Formula Atlantic based series.

Sources: and Victory Lane Magazine archives.

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