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Put-In-Bay Vintage Sports Car Races Sept 21-24 South Bass Island Ohio Features H Mods, Sport Sedans and Small Bore Sports Cars

Posted Sep-02-21 at 9:02 PM By dan davis

This event is a party for vintage racers that allows one to enjoy racing 1950s/1960s style.  Sportsmanlike competition on-track, parties, car shows, tours of some of the original circuit layouts and a celebration of the original road races.

Some of the original cars were the famous H-Mods.  These were small sports racing (called modifieds back in the day) powered originally by 750cc displacement engines.  Some were built by race car factories of teams, notably Italian.  Most were home built in the racers garage.  Originally they used engines from FIAT, Panhard, Climax, Renault, Crosley, SAAB.  Over time 850cc and larger were allowed.

H-Mod info contact: Richard Campbell [email protected]

Event info: Phone 734-502-2435 or 803-463-5388

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