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Hallett Motor Racing Circuit A Racing Treasure Hosts CVAR Aug 22-23

Posted Aug-13-20 at 3:29 PM By Dan Davis

The circuit is challenging for experts, yet beginning and novice friendly.  It was designed by Anatoly “Toly” Arutunoff who had raced at every level of racing all over the world.  It opened in 1976 and quickly received great reviews by SCCA and other contemporary racing organizations.  The circuit is located in the rolling Osage Hills in northeastern Oklahoma about 35 miles west of Tulsa.  The circuit is 1.6 miles long with 10 varied turns.  It’s safety and club racer friendly runoff areas allow the circuit to run clockwise or counterclockwise.  Some clubs have used that feature on the same weekend.
Corininthian Vintage Auto Racing, located in Texas, began vintage racing in the early 1990s at Texas World Speedway near College Station.  As the club grew and wanted to offer a variety of vintage racing experiences for its members and guest racers, it held races at Motorsports Ranch Cresson and Motorsports Ranch Houston.  The club soon realized that Hallett was a superior circuit and additionally was convenient for Colorado RMVR vintage racers and for midwestern VSCDA vintage racers.  It is now a regular site of CVAR vintage race weekends twice per year.  It has attracted a large following of CVAR and visiting vintage club racers.  In recent years, the large CVAR group of Formula Vee Racers has been featured at one of the Hallett races.  They have been joined annually by visiting F Vee Colorado and midwestern racers for a regular well attended feature.
The upcoming August 22-23 CVAR vintage racing weekend is attracting cars from all CVAR classes and is featuring F Vee.  This event is run under COVID-19 protocols.

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