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Indy Car - NASCAR Doubleheaders in racing's future says Penske

Posted Apr-16-20 at 9:13 PM By Dan Davis

In NBSN’s “Lunch Talk Live” Roger Penske observed a growing interest to schedule these events.  The first in 2020 is July 4 with the Infinity Series and IndyCar on the Indy road course.  It is followed by the Brickyard 400 on July 5th. Doubleheaders had been discussed as far back as late 2018.  In mid last year there were more ideas floated.  Roger Penske’s group now owns IndyCar and is known for seeking growth ideas.  Discussions with Jim France, NASCAR CEO and Chairman, and others led to the July Doubleheaders.  Victory Lane’s Future History Series is about the cars and series of today becoming the part of vintage and historic racing in the future.

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