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Schedule Changes

Posted Apr-08-20 at 3:17 PM By Dan Davis

All the vintage road racing events listed in the Victory Lane Magazine Schedule for April 2020 are cancelled or postponed due to COVID19.  These include:

3-5                   VARA Spring Mt. Classic                       Nevada
3-5                   VDCA/VRG Wild Hare                           Virginia
17-19               CSRG David Love Races                       California
23-26               HSR The Mitty                                     Georgia
24-26               CVAR Livio Galantio Race                     Texas
24-26               SOVREN Spring Sprints & School          Washington
25-26               RMVR Drivers School                           Colorado
30 Apr - May 3  SVRA Trans Am w/vintage.                   California
30 Apr - May 3   VSCDA Spring Brake & School              Michigan

Some clubs are adding events or rescheduling later in the year.  Check this site regularly. Here are some updates:

May 23-24.       SOVREN/SCCA Pacific Raceway                             Washington
Aug 22-23.       CVAR Hallett Races w/Vintage FVee Feature            Oklahoma
Sept 4-6           Sonoma Speed Fest Sonoma Raceway (from May)   California

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